WIZO is an international women’s movement with more than 250,000 members in and around 50 countries worldwide. It is a powerful voice for all Jewish women and is recognised by the United Nations as a non-Governmental Organisation with consultative status on ECOSOC and UNICEF.

Our goal is to raise funds to support vital social welfare work caring for the people of Israel. Our projects respond to the challenges that arise in Israeli society through every stage of life; to aid and care for children and adults in distress, lend a hand to new immigrants and protect those at risk in order to secure a better society for all. Above all, we want to help to turn people who may have started out with many disadvantages into secure, fulfilled and fully-contributing citizens of Israel. In Israel a network of our own highly-trained and caring staff and volunteers is instrumental in operating over 800 social welfare projects and services. WIZO is one of the largest providers of social welfare next to the Israeli government.

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Elissa WHITE-HOT Winston My 3 reasons for Firewalking:

  1. to raise money for WIZO’s amazing projects in Israel
  2. to challenge myself after breaking my hip
  3. to see what my husband and sister have been so ‘fired-up’ about….

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Shelley PHOENIX Peel I am the Administrator for WIZO in Leeds and am raising money for my mother’s group, Sharonah.

The group has been active for many years and the members are reaching their 80’s. In the past they have been able to have many functions and raise money for WIZO but now find it very difficult so I am doing this for their group.
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Nicola SOLAR Smaje Hi there! I’m taking part in the community firewalk as I felt it would be a great opportunity to do something for the Jewish Community in Leeds. WIZO is an amazing charity who help to raise money towards work that takes place in Israel. My Grandma Joyce Frazer has been, and still is, greatly involved with WIZO in Leeds and helping to make a difference to others. If anything I am doing the firework to support my Grandma for all the work she has done for WIZO – I am very proud of her.
I see this as a huge challenge and a way of facing ones fears! I am a great believer that things have to be tried in life or at least attempted. Please please sponsor me to make a difference to other peoples lives in Israel !! and also making it worthwhile to ruin my pedicure!! Please dip into your pocket and every penny helps. Thank you xx 

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Shelley SEARING Harris I decided do the firewalk as a personal challenge and also to raise money for WIZO. I know what fantastic work they do in Isreal, so I am glad I can do something positive to support. I can’t wait to see my children’s face’s when I take my first step!

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Hannah HOW-HOT Schiffeldrin So…on the date of the firewalk I will have been a month into my Uni course – Mental Heath Nursing, so I thought, it’s already going to be a year of challenges and confidence building for me, so why stop there! Having an older sister and other family living in israel, I wanted to do this to raise as much money for the wonderful work that WIZO do over there for the people who are a lot less fortunate than us.
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