LJWB delivers high quality, culturally sensitive, community and residential care services to over 2,000 people in the Community.

Highly trained professional teams work closely with invaluable volunteers to bring to the community innovative services for children and families, extensive provision for older people, residential and community services for people with learning disabilities, physical or sensory disability and mental health issues. LJWB also oversees the social, leisure and educational activities that can be accessed at the MAZCC, and, of course, the kosher catering services that are so integral to individuals and families.

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Meirav SIMMERING Sasson I am an Israeli export to Leeds, and together with Gadi my partner we raise our 2 daughters. I am LJWB’s fundraising manager and as I am constantly asking people to raise money for the board, I have decided to also give it a go …

The work LJWB does is just amazing and as I am very passionate about it, I hope to raise a lot of funds to support so many people in our community.

I think I am now starting to realise I am going to WALK ON BURNING COALS!!!

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Tracy BAKING Bickler I am married to Simon and have four children. I am the Marketing/PR Manager for Leeds Jewish Welfare Board, part of a team who have decided to practice what we preach and put our best feet forward to raise much needed funds for our frontline care services! I am putting my faith in the motivational training to get me through it! Please sponsor me!
Jonathan SIZZLING Straight I am Chief Executive of Straight plc, the market leading supplier of waste and recycling containers. I am doing the firewalk as I see it as a challenge and I thrive on challenges. Being able to take part whilst raising money for LJWB makes this doubly interesting. I am raising money for LJWB because they do wonderful work thoughout the Community helping all of those who are in need of assistance.
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Victoria VOLCANIC Sandler 34 years, married to Robert. Two children, Jack and Ruby. Both attend Brodetsky. I work in PR and Marketing for JLWB. Not sure how I got roped into taking part in this charity event, but hopefully thinking about those who rely on JLWB for help and support every day of the year will get me through it!
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Gavin MOLTEN Miller I am a 35 year old father of two and it’s been a long time ambition of mine to walk across hot coals.
To be able to do this and in turn raise money for such a fantastic and worthwhile cause is a great opportunity for me.
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