Jewish Scouting in Leeds dates back to 1909 just two years after Baden Powell founded Scouting. This makes us the oldest Jewish Scout group in the world, something we’re very proud of.

The success and popularity of all the units over years is a testament to the hard work and dedication of successive generations of leaders, helpers and of course, the support of the Parents Association.

The Cubs summer and winter camps are a great tradition. The leaders of all the units put in a huge amount of work in preparing and running these events, which are the pinnacle of the Guiding/Scouting year.

None of this could happen though without the countless volunteer helpers who have supported the leaders at camps throughout the group’s history and always in the true Guiding/Scouting spirit of fun, challenge and adventure.

Our hope is that future generations will keep the group as vibrant and active for many, many years to come. It’s something the whole community should be very proud of!

Please support the Leeds Jewish Scout and Guide troops which include, Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides and Explorers, by sponsoring us now!

Clive CHARGRILLED Warner I always have to say yes to a challenge and my aim is to get to the end without burning my feet .I doing this as I’m a Scout Leader and we are always in need of extra funds for scouting activities.

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Deborah SCORCHING Selwyn I am doing the Walk for The Guides and Scouts and I have been a guide leader for 25 years, the rest is history!!!!
I work for UJIA, have two children Robert (who is also doing the walk for Maccabi) and Lucy and I’m married to Ian. 

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Sarah FIRED-UP Foreman As a Rainbow leader I thought this would be an opportunity to try something different and raise money for the Guide and Scout Association.

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Marcus ASHES Armstrong As my son is a cub, I said yes straight away to helping to raise much needed money for the Leeds Jewish Scouts & Guides. Everyone who runs the troops volunteers their time, so this is my way of helping out.

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Alex ALIGHT Abrams I wasn’t really given an opportunity to say no! But of course I was up for the challenge and especially happy to support the Scouts & Guides. Please support the team and show your support.

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