On 30th october 2011 Sally Linton, Lisa Lee, Helen Flannigan and Shelley Frieze & Clive Niman will be walking over 20 feet of burning embers at a temperature of 1236 degrees farenheit to raise money for brodetsky primary school

A mixture of parents and staff, they will be taking on a unique personal challenge, facing their fears to help provide for our children.

Please support them by giving any amount affordable and by supporting on the day at Brodetsky to help make this a memorable occasion for all involed.

They are doing the hard part so you can do the easy part, 5 minutes is all it takes to donate on line


The Brodetskty Burners

Sally SMOULDERING Linton I’m the crazy girl in the white balloon van. Dig deep in your pockets, look under the sofa and even check for shiny gold coins in the rim of the washing machine. Where ever you find it and what ever you can spare PLEASE PLEASE SPONSOR ME to firewalk for Brodetsky.Watch out for me with my sponsor form (I’ll have a pen ready)
Lisa LAVA Lee I’m ditching my dancing shoes and getting ready to walk over fire to help raise money for this ‘flaming’ fantastic school.


Helen FLAMING Flannigan I have been working in the office at Brodetsky since June 2010. I was made to feel part of the Brodetsky family from the very start and I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and support by Fire Walking to raise money for the school. PLEASE SPONSOR ME!
Clive CINDERS Niman I love a good challenge, and at the same time I’m helping to raise money for all the kids at Brodetsky! PLEASE SPONSOR ME
Shelley NO-FEAR Frieze I was totally inspired by the firewalk event which was held last February and got such a buzz watching Joanne (my sister) and Leonie do it, I didn’t have to think twice when I was asked.
Anyway since I’ve got a lot of hard skin on my feet, it was a toss up between this or a ‘Tank full of Fish’!!!!!

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