Flaming Fantastic Success!

The community event proved to be a flaming fantastic success. £15,000 has been raised and everyone who was there had a great time. Thank you to EVERYONE who walked, sponsored, helped, fundraised, donated, ate, cheered and supported.

Tracy ‘Baking’ Bickler, firewalked for LJWB “Thank you both for organising an amazing event – I have really enjoyed the experience – it was an inspiration and fun event.”

Clive ‘Cinders’ Niman, firewalked for Brodetsky “It was a fantastic event and brilliant experience.”

Dilani ‘Dynamite’ Dresser, firewalked for The Zone “Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to do something challenging and for motivating us to raise so much for our community.”

Maria ‘Hot-hot-hot’ Holdsworth, firewalked for Donisthorpe “An brilliant experience never to be forgotten.”

Samantha ‘Smokin’ Walton, firewalked for The Zone “Thanks for giving me the opportunity . . . I will take those motivational skills with me forever.”

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Joanne Harris and Leonie Fingret decided to organise the event after taking part in a sponsored firewalk earlier in the year.